May 31, 2012

Birdie WIP

I've been going to town on my birdie WIP.  It's been a fun stitch.  Here is "Birds of a Feather" stitched on linen with DMC.  I have one birdie to finish and then I've got a few orphan stitches, all the backstitching, and then a bit of beading to do (no French knots for me!).

DH got 95% of the plumbing done over Memorial Day weekend.  His next project is completely tearing up and replacing the floor in the utility room down to the piers and beams.  While he is doing that while the floor is completely open, he will finish the other 5% of the plumbing.

Tomorrow - as it will be June 1st - I'll start stitching on the June square of "Crabby All Year," even though I'd really rather finish my birdies.


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Rita said...

Beautiful stitching!