Jun 11, 2012

Finally floored

DH was busy this weekend tearing up the old (what was left of it) flooring in the utility room all the way down to the piers and beams and replacing it.

First he moved everything out of there including my washer and dryer.  He dragged them into the den.  Notice the freezer in the corner.  Yeah, it's been there awhile.  What - you don't have a freezer in your den?  I'll be so glad to get it back in the utility room where it belongs when everything's all finished.

Then he tore up the rest of the old floor.

Then he replaced the primary sub floor with 2" x 10" planks.

Then he rolled out tar paper over the planks and then laid the secondary sub floor.  Once we get the walls finished, we'll put down either vinyl tiles or vinyl sheet flooring.

Emma inspected all the resulting holes and supervised.


I've finished my birdies except for the backstitching.  As the backstitching is "UK" style, I get cross-eyed after a while and have to stop.  I hope to get it finished within the next couple of days.



Rita said...

That looks like a huge job! :-)

Who knows? You may decide to keep the freezer in the den once he's finished. ;-)

Gloria said...

Nice progress!
Love the pics of Emma. She is such a great little supervisor..and a really cute one too.

Mary said...

I don't know how you do it. I'd be going crazy with everything not in the place it should be.

However, I ditto Gloria...Emma is a GREAT supervisor as well as being pretty dang cute.