Jun 18, 2012

Windows and poison ivy

This past week, DH took Monday and Tuesday off.  He was planning to work more on the utility room, but instead had a much-needed mowing frenzy with the tractor.  He also cleared out some brushy areas with the chainsaw.  And got into poison ivy.

So he had to go to the doctor and was given cortisone to take for six days.  Cortisone keeps DH awake at night and makes him feel antsy.  He doesn't like taking it but likes itching madly even less.  Me?  I'd just take care to stay out of poison ivy.   ;-)

So on Saturday, DH replaced the old window in the utility room with a new one.  We moved it over six inches, so he had to do a bit of patching.  On Sunday afternoon, he was going to install another new one in another wall (so we'll have two windows in the utility room for some great natural light!), but the lack of sleep from the cortisone finally had him napping the afternoon away.  This suited Emma just fine; she likes to nap with or on her humans.

Removing the old window: Emma supervises.
Old window removed with patching finished.
New window installed with new framing.   
Sealing the new window with barrier tape.
Finished but needing trim boards.

I've been in a bit of a stitching slump.  I've totally lost interest in finishing the birdies.  This happens to me on occasion.  Not often, thankfully.  I've learned to just go with it.  So for now, "Birds of a Feather" is a UFO, tucked away in a deep drawer.  

I picked up a piece I've wanted to stitch as a bell pull for the kitchen for some time now.  On natural linen banding I'm stitching "Pear" by JBW Designs.  I'll add "Apple" and "Pumpkin" to the banding and each will be stitched with one of the DMC Variations floss in the appropriate fruit color. 

The weather here in my part of Texas is summery.  It gets up to the mid to low 90s during the day, and stays in the low 70s at night.  This means we can sleep without running the air conditioner at night, the doors/windows can be open during the morning, and the AC only runs part of the day.  Great weather!  I love it!




Gloria said...

Great job on the window. Thanks for the pics. Love to see your progress.
Hope your DH is itching less now and avoids poison ivy on his next outing.

Mary said...

Ahhh...Emma is such the supervisor. Hopefully, DH will get over the poison ivy soon.