Oct 9, 2013

Finish finishing

I was spelunking around in my cross stitching fabric looking for a particular color for an upcoming project when I realized just how many stitched-but-unfinished projects I had languishing in drawers, so I've spent the last few days finish-finishing most of them.

I started out by finishing some some hanging ornaments.  For the round ones, I used metal Finishing Forms I ordered from 123 Stitch.  The forms come with instructions for use that are very easy to follow.  The "Joy Y'all" ornament I sewed myself.

The Halloween ornament is currently hanging on a bookshelf for October.  The Santa, oil derrick, and harp will be going to a friend.  The harp is actually a Chrismon, or Christ Monogram.  These symbols of the Christian faith are used as ornaments on Christmas trees.  For more information on them, click here: Chrismons.  Most of the patterns I use for these are OOP by Designing Women Unlimited and can be found on eBay.  The pattern booklet numbers are 9, 19, 54, and 57.

Mr. Scary Pumpkin Face, a blog freebie
"Joy Y'all" by Redbird Designs
From "A Cowboy Christmas" by FTL Designs (OOP)

From "Fifty-Five Christian Symbols" (Book 54) by Designing Women Unltd.

I sewed two other finishes into pillows (pictures tomorrow) and stuffed them.  I'd probably make more pillows except that I loathe blind stitching them closed.  I've never been very good at blind stitching despite great effort to improve, so I avoid having to blind stitch if at all possible.  DH thinks my blind stitching looks fine, and that I'm suffering from my usual perfectionist tendencies.  He's probably right.  ;-)

And last but not least, I still have several projects to frame.  I dislike framing as much as I do finishing stuff.  If I were filthy rich, I'd have someone else do framing and finishing for me, but as I'm not, I do it myself.  DH needs to make me frames for two projects, and then I need to purchase a wooden box with a lid for another project.  DH could easily make me the box, but he doesn't have a lot of spare time right now with all our other projects.

I'll post pictures as I get the projects framed and hung on the wall.


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Rita said...

I love your finishes! Thanks for the tip about the forms. (I never thought of that.)

I have a lot of stuff I need to finish too.