Oct 4, 2013

She brings us presents

We finally got the "wonderful" Jetta back yesterday.  The mechanic did a good job and it's good to go until the next needed repair.  Our pocketbook is a lot lighter.  Stupid Jetta.

Annie has started showing us a rather unusual (to us) personality quirk; she loves to bring us presents.  

Soon after she was allowed unregulated usage of the dog door and the backyard, I began noticing acorns and sticks on the mat near her dog door.  I just figured she was bringing them in tangled in her hair as she enjoys a good roll in the grass.  That is until I caught her bringing them in the house in her mouth and depositing the proudly on the mat.  She looks so sad when I throw her "gifts" in the trash.  Goofy dog.

Then she began to bring us more "interesting" gifts such as a dead, dried up lizard and a mostly dead frog.  These presents she delivered personally to us by dropping them right beside us on evenings we were sitting on the couch while watching television.  Oh yay!  At least the presents were (mostly) dead.

I sincerely hope that she never brings me a bug or spider, dead or alive.  

DH has caught her trying to pick up toads in her mouth twice.  Did you know that if your dog picks up a toad in her mouth that she will froth and foam at the mouth like a rabid dog?  Yeah.  Toads secrete a poison on their skin (I assume it's a defense mechanism) and besides causing foaming at the mouth, it will cause your dog to barf at least twice.  Oh yay!

And in spite of her quirks, we love her to pieces and enjoy her company.  She still "oozes" when she sleeps.





Gloria said...

I'm sure Annie works hard to find a suitable gift for you. How can you not appreciate such thoughtfulness? lol

Enjoyed the post. Annie is a cutie.

Miss LindaLee said...

She's so cute, and what she brings are in her eyes, gifts to her humans. Wait until she brings in a dead squirrel!