May 24, 2011

DIY progress and an ugly truth

DH has been working hard on our current DIY project.  He framed the wall between the utility room and the den and put a layer of sheetrock on the den side.  Then he went to install the framing for the pocket door between the utility room and the kitchen and discovered an ugly truth; he has to level the kitchen floor before he can proceed further.

We knew we were gonna have to do this, but we weren't planning on doing it until much later.  Oh well.  So Saturday morning bright and early, DH dug around the kitchen end of the house (we have a pier and beam foundation) and crawled under to figure out exactly how much work is involved.  (He came out covered in mud; I was very thankful for my front-loader washer!)  Then he called his buddy at the tool rental company and reserved a house jack for Memorial Day weekend.  He's got his weekend all planned.  I wonder how many trips to Lowe's he'll make?  ;-)

I'm making progress on "One Nation" as I finished stitching the blue star field.  I've started stitching the outlines of some of the stripes, have stitched one star, and have stitched the "A" in Alabama.  Hopefully, I'll remember to get a picture tomorrow morning when the sun is out.


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Mary said...

There is a serious serious problem with these pictures...:( Where is Emma, the helper??