May 25, 2011

She did it again!

Last night, right before bedtime, Emma decided tangle with a snake again.  The snake, as usual, won.  DH always goes outside with her for her last evening potty time - mainly to make sure that she goes and doesn't get distracted like the ADHD poster child she is.  

DH said she was barking at something on the other side of the house and wouldn't come when he called her.  Then she got quiet and came limping around the house on three legs.  She had two puncture wounds on her left front leg, right about where her "wrist" would be if dogs had wrists.  She was clearly in a lot of pain and somewhat shocky so we loaded her in the car and drove to the vet.  

We have a wonderful group of vets.  There are three in the practice and they and all the staff are truly animal lovers.  The vet who treated her for her last snake bite was on call.  Dr. Lipsey just loves Emma and calls her a "sweet thing."  She checked Emma over and gave her a couple of injections for pain/swelling and infection.  Emma also got some pills of the same drugs to take over the next few days.  

She is not a happy dog right now and is laying around with her sore and swollen leg stretched out.  She is at least able to put some weight on it this morning; last night she wouldn't walk on it at all.  The snake anti-venin injections she's had definitely helped as she had a lesser reaction to this snake bite than the last one.  Now if we could just teach her to leave snakes alone.  Yeah, right - she's a terrier!

Emergency after-hour vet visit - $150.00.  Emma doing better - priceless!



Gloria said...

Look at that sweet, sad little face.
I'm so glad that she had the injections that lessen her reaction to snake bites. Wish she would bark at them from way far away.

Rachel said...

Yup, pure terrier. Silly girl. Glad to hear she is doing ok.

I love reading the stories of her working with your DH on the house

Mary said...

I've never seen such a sad face! Poor Puppy...:(