May 27, 2011

Emma and WIP update

Emma is doing much better!  (And I tried to post this yesterday, but Blogger is still experiencing "bugs.")  Thanks for all your comments and good thoughts!

I'm sure she will "help" DH as he begins work on leveling the foundation of the kitchen later today.  Last week when he crawled under the house to assess the work needed, Emma crawled under there with him.  Then she left and crawled in from the other side of the house and woofed at him.  DH thinks she was telling him that there was an easier way to get under there.

Emma is normally only allowed up on the bed when one of us is on it and only for special circumstances.  For instance, she keeps DH company when I'm in the shower at night.  She also gets up on the bed to greet me first thing in the morning.  And if I take a nap, she naps, too.  She doesn't sleep with us at night.  She also knows to "ask" before getting up on the bed.  She does this by standing by the bed and then giving the nearest human the stink eye.  This morning, she wanted up on the bed and I indulged her.

Here is my "One Nation" WIP.



expressoma said...

Of course, Emma needed to be on the bed. Miss Georgia's quilt makes her leg feel better

Gloria said...

I'm so glad that Emma is feeling better. She looks so pretty on your beautiful quilt.

Nice WIP! That is going to be a very nice piece.