Jul 31, 2011

One fine day...

...I noticed that there seemed to be a leak under our kitchen sink.  DH immediately got to work fixing it and everything went down hill from there.

Back in May, DH installed a water filter under our sink.  Apparently, one of the connections loosened and began to leak.  Unfortunately, we did not notice it until last week.  As DH began spelunking under the sink, he discovered mold and water damage.  Uh oh.  

So he began tearing out the sink cabinet and then tearing up the kitchen floor to figure out just how much damage we had.  We had a lot.  So much so that we decided that we needed to replace the entire kitchen floor.  Whee.  

Our house is an old hunting cabin and is mostly make of wood.  The kitchen floor consisted of a pine subfloor made of 2" x 10"s, then two thin layers of plywood, then OSB sheets we put down with cheap white-and-maroon-checked linoleum glued to the OSB.  DH ripped it all up and began replacing the floor.

Of course, the water damage extended UNDER the bottom kitchen cabinets, so DH had to tear them out, too.  Here is the new subfloor right up to the kitchen cabinets, just before DH pulled them out.  

To be continued tomorrow...


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