Jul 10, 2011

WIPping along

DH was unable to work on any of our DIY projects this weekend.  Yesterday, he spent most of the day wrassling with our truck; the horn was broken and it could not pass state inspection with a broken horn.  The car repair shop wanted over $600.00 bucks to fix it.  DH decided to do it himself.  He did it for about thirty bucks, but it took him all day and he says he thinks he ran through his repertoire of swearwords at least five times.  ;-)

While working on the truck, DH noticed how hairy it was.  (If you have a hairy dog that sheds copiously and rides in your vehicles, you will have hairy vehicles.)  So he spent part of today cleaning out the car and the truck.  It's too bad that I can't card and spin all the dog hair into yarn; I might get rich!

I finished another page on my ever-boring "One Nation."  I'm REALLY looking forward to getting this one done.



Miss LindaLee said...

Well it's nice to see that you're sticking with a piece that is boring. It's tough though isn't it? Been there myself. Yours will be beautiful when a finished up though and not only will you be thrilled that it's done but you'll love it! It's looking great!

Now, the DIY things! What can I say? It seems at times that they're at a total stand still for one reason or another. One day this week, I'll have to get the new trim out for the kitchen and threaten to measure and cut it. That will get DH right on the ball and the one project will get finished up. You know how projects have phases and you can't do a phase until another is done......Ugh!

Lynn D said...

Slow and steady... progress!

You'll be glad you stuck with it when it is finished.

Rachel S said...

It looks really good!