Jul 8, 2011

I'm here! and someone else's finish

I've been under the weather for a bit here lately.  And DH took a couple of days off around the July 4th weekend which also helped in letting time get away from me.

I have no fun and interesting progress pictures of our current DIY project.  DH started in on it and discovered yet another side project that needed doing before he proceeded with the planned project.  It involved tearing out more of the inside wall in the utility room and then tearing out part of the floor to work on the plumbing.  The toilet that was in the utility room is now on the front porch.  (It will someday return to its former place).  

DH also had to move and disconnect my washer and dryer for a couple of days.  This struck terror in my heart.  Being without a washer and dryer is nerve wracking!  What if I needed to wash something?!

Emma did find the new hole in the floor interesting and "helped" DH with the plumbing.

A while back, my needleworking buddy, Georgia, went with me to the monthly I35 Stitchtogether.  Georgia is 99% a quilter, but has dabbled in cross stitch in the distant past.  On our way home from Austin, we stopped off at Ginger's Needlearts and Framing.  Georgia caught sight of a nice display of shop models of Lizzie Kate Christmas designs and decided to stitch one.  She recently finished it and I think it came out great!  (And you should see how neat the back is!)

I'm about four letters away from finishing another page of the ever-boring "One Nation."  I haven't stitched a lot lately as I've been reading.  



Gloria said...

Emma is such a good little helper. Always on the job.

Congrats to Georgia on her pretty finish.

Mary said...

I sincerely request, on behalf of Emma, that she have her own tool pouch. She is more than ready to be an assistant!

Georgia did a great job! Which is not surprising as she's a great quilter.