Oct 9, 2008

Lightening strikes twice

I was busy on Monday and didn't have time to post. Monday night or early Tuesday morning, depending on your perspective, we had a major thunderstorm. It was forecasted as a light rain. Right.
Anyway, on Tuesday morning I sat down at the computer to post to my blog and couldn't get the modem to connect. Turns out both my computer modem and our T.V. were fried. Whee. We have a T.V. antenna on a pole by the house, and the cable for it and the phone line come into the house at the same place in the wall along with the main electric power supply to the house. So either the T.V. antenna was hit, or the power supply; an unwanted power surge occurred.
Yes, I had a surge protector on my computer, but not one with a phone line protector. The new modem is now protected by a phone line surge protector. And the new T.V. (thank goodness for savings) also has a fancy surge protector on it.
DH is now talking about putting in a whole house surge protector when he finishes rewiring the house. I think it's a good idea!
I'm happy that nothing else was damaged. My computer was fine other than the fried modem. All's well that ends well.

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