Oct 17, 2008

Long ramblings

No, this isn't my cat - I'm allergic to them. The picture was posted on a message board and I thought he was cute. It reflects my mood. Some days, you just want to bite a flower.
Yesterday, I wrote a long blog post, carefully edited it, checked it for spelling and grammar, added a picture, formatted it, and then somehow deleted the whole thing right before I hit "Publish Post." GAH! And no, I couldn't find it in "Drafts." Weird.
Hopefully, today will be better post-wise. WARNING: This will be a long ramblin' and rambly post.
Yesterday afternoon I made cookies for DH to take on his hunting trip. Every time my oven timer went off when the current batch was ready, my silly dog would run like mad into the utility room where we keep her food bowl and start gobbling her kibble like a starving dog. She does the same thing when my cell phone goes off. Silly dog.
I have stitched some in the last few days, but I want to get some backstitching finished before I post a picture. Also, it's been rainy, dark, and cloudy (glummy and grismal) here weather-wise which makes taking a decent picture difficult. And hence my biting-a-flower mood.
Being a "home-moaner" is a pain sometimes. Our 1000-foot driveway has a hump and a low spot about a third of the way in. The previous owner made the hump to raise the driveway out of a boggy area, and the low spot is "supposed" to channel away water from the bog. All that really happens is that every time it is actively raining, the hump gets slicker than greased snot and any car/truck attempting to drive over it slides off the side of the driveway into the ditch. The low spot fills with water and becomes a car trap until it dries out (usually after three to five days) unless you speed up right as you come off the hump. If it is not raining, you won't slide off the hump, but you still have to gun it through the low spot. It's quite exciting to drive on this section of the driveway - not for the faint of heart or light of right foot. Oh, did I mention that you have to make a 30-degree turn as you come off the hump?
Wednesday night, DH slid off the hump in the Jetta and had to call a tow truck. The planned work on the house for that evening didn't happen. Shucks.
While waiting for the tow truck, he slipped in the mud and fell, twisting his left knee. His PT wife and the Certified Orthotist guys at work who fit lots of knee braces on people with knee injuries all agree that he probably tore his ACL and a meniscus. Joy. He will "go to the doctor if it keeps bothering him." Uh huh.
DH and I have decided that the driveway needs attention. This will push back work on the house in other areas, but it will be cheaper in the long run than paying for a tow truck visit every time it rains. Oh well. Luckily, DH knows a guy who knows a guy with a bulldozer and does driveway work. We'll probably need to put down some caliche rock in that area also. But the bulldozer guy knows a guy that delivers caliche. :-)
Our fence is still not Emma-proof. Our friend came out to help DH weld it last weekend and although they had two wire welders, neither one of them would work correctly, despite them working on and with them all day long, and with a trip to Lowe's right before lunch. So he is coming back next weekend to try with a larger arc welder. I am still the dog's personal door-opening slave at this point.


Gloria said...

I got a good chuckle just picturing Emma and the food bowl. How funny!
Yeah, I would have to push back other projects to get rid of the hump in the driveway.
Hope your hubby's knee is better.

Rachel S said...

Hope his knee feels better. That is awful.

Who knows why dogs do what they do. I am sure their excuse would make sense if they could just speak English.