Oct 27, 2008

Molding away

Before you ask, yes, we still have cows. Yes, the neighbor came up to work on the fence. No, it is still not cow-proof. Yes, he will be up again this week "sometime" with some bobwahr to "fix it." No, I am not hopeful.
I have not stitched much at all lately. This makes me grumpy. I hope to stitch some this week. I have backstitching to finish on my WIP. No, I am not a backstitch hater - it doesn't bother me a bit to backstitch. Once the backstitching gets done, I will post a picture.
We are making progress on the house. Hopefully, it will go much faster now that bowhunting season is over and DH won't be gallivanting around the state hunting on the weekends.
This weekend, DH finally got all the door and floor molding installed in our bedroom. (Notice I did not mention the window molding; that will be done later. I SOOOO want to cover those pink studs!) I will be spending the next couple of days spackling the nail holes, caulking all the seams, and touch-up painting it all. Then I will remove all the various bits and pieces of construction debris and bring in some furniture! Only the bedroom furniture, but it is better than nothing! Yeehaw!
Unfortunately, this will not include my stitching chair. Yet. Soon, very soon.

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Rachel S said...

It's getting there!