Oct 14, 2008

"National Protect Your Hearing Month!"

Okay, this is mostly a stitching (and unexpectedly a house remodeling) blog, but as a hearing-impaired person, this hits close to home with me. So, you'll have to put up with me posting on this topic on occasion during the month of October.
Hearing loss is probably the least understood of physical "handicaps." When I tell people I am hard-of-hearing, I get comments like, "But you talk normally." Or, "But you don't use sign language." And, "Oh but you wear hearing aids so you're okay."
With my hearing loss, I am able to hear sounds, but I am unable to hear a lot of the sounds that make up human speech. I use many strategic coping mechanisms to compensate for this. And yes, this includes hearing aids. Hearing aids DO NOT replace lost hearing; they augment the remaining hearing.
At any rate, I could spend a great deal of space explaining hearing loss in detail as I have taken a lot of time and effort to educate myself regarding hearing loss - mine in particular - but instead I'll refer you to the links in the sidebar of my blog. These are all great informational websites on hearing loss and what to do about it. Of every 10 people who have a diagnosed hearing loss, only three are actively doing something about it.
If you think you might have a hearing loss, here is a Hearing Health Quick Test from the American Academy of Audiology: click here.
I'll be posting more thoughts and insights during the rest of October. But don't worry - this is still a stitching blog. And I spent yesterday afternoon stitching! I'll post a picture later this week.

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