Apr 6, 2009

A finish, a WIP, and a purple puppy

I had a great time Saturday at the monthly IH35 Stitchtogether. We had a good group with two new folks, one of whom was stitching a HAED over one! There were a lot of show-n-tell projects to look at, along with "lookie-what-I-got-at-stitch-camp" stuff to see, too. And of course, there was food!
We took Emma with us to Austin. The day was cool enough in the morning for DH to make his trek to Cabela's to look at man toys. Emma was fine waiting in the car. Afterwards, they went for a walk along the river in downtown Austin. DH says Emma had a grand time, and he had fun people-watching all the "unique" people. Once back at the library, Emma enjoyed the attention from all her "stitching aunties."
Gloria brought Emma a new toy. She loves it and has not yet killed the squeaker in it. She doesn't try to remove squeakers; she just squeaks them to death. She's been carrying it around all weekend and takes it with her to her food bowl when she eats. She's a silly dog. Her favorite toys - Froggie and Kitty, and now Purple Puppy - must be near her food bowl while she eats. Here's Emma with Purple Puppy perching behind DH's legs on the sofa.
I stitched a lot on my Santa on Saturday, but ended up finishing him yesterday afternoon. Whee-e-o! Now I am stitching on a little Shepherd's Bush Halloween kit that I got at the stitching retreat last weekend. It'll be a quick stitch and I'm halfway done with it already. I'm not big into Halloween, but this was kind of cute.
We have a softball tournament tonight. The weather will be cold and blustery. Yippee. We ended our spring season with a two out of eight record. Yep, we're a Charlie Brown kind of team (but we have a lot of fun). Summer ball starts up in late May.
And I have really come to loathe and despise the concrete countertops and the porcelain sink in my kitchen. The countertop is higher than normal (I'm vertically challenged anyway), and the sink is very deep and doesn't drain well because it is not set right. But mainly I hate them because if you drop something on either of them, it will break. I bought two new sets of glassware when we moved in last September. Our old sets were 20 years old and hard water etched. Anyway, I have half of one set left due to breakage, and I broke a glass from the other set last night. I am not happy. *sigh*


Rachel S said...

Can Emma come talk to the twins? They are some squeaker killer fools. I almost feel bad buying them toys, becuase they ruin them, gut them, and then won't play with them.

Sounds like you had fun.

Reba said...

Hi Lisa!! It's Reba from stitchcamp! Please contact me at rebascott@att.net...I have that recipe ready for y'all!
Your puppy is too cute!!


Daffycat said...

Your Santa turned out perfect!

Emma is a darling! You must see the video of Sheba in my webshots...I think you will like it! (link in my blog)

mark said...


It was fun finally meeting Emma "top dog of blogs"! Santa looks really good. You're making more progress on stitching than I am (jealous). Shilo loves squeeky toys but if they are make of fabric...um...last about an hour...lol!! So, we have to get him plastic.


Gloria said...

I'm happy to see that Emma is still enjoying her toy. Emma is so cute and friendly. I loved meeting her. I'm definitely her fan.

Your Santa looks great!

Cindy F. said...

Emma reminds me of our Lizzie! But Lizzie's mission is to remove the squeaker first and then ears, eyes, tails...anything protruding:)
Congrats on your PS Santa finish! Beautiful stitching!
Hey, I dropped a glass pot lid on our floor and held my breath thinking the tile would break...nope, the lid shattered into a million pieces! It's like living in a glass house...lol!