Apr 8, 2009

Uncle Sam...

...is a pain. I spent the day doing our taxes. Yippee. No, I didn't wait until the last minute. We always have to pay, so I see no reason to give Uncle Sam my money until I absolutely have to.
Some of y'all are gasping in horror at this. I know how you look forward to getting your tax return each year. Well, I'd rather have the money in MY account making ME interest than letting Uncle Sam have it and use and abuse it all year without paying me interest on it. I'm a tightwad. That's a basic tightwad principle - my money should work for me, not Uncle Sam.
Last year I even put a calculator to it and figured out the I made $12.32 in interest by owing on my taxes instead of getting a refund. Not alot, but I STILL MADE MONEY.
I do our monthly budget on MS Excel and I also spent time today setting it up to keep track of the state sales tax we pay as I found out recently that it is deductible in the state of Texas. Others of y'all are now gasping in horror. "What?! Keep up with all that? No way!!"
Another tightwad principle - keep track of EVERYTHING you spend down to the penny. DH and I keep every receipt for everything we buy and I enter into my monthly budget spread sheet. No, it doesn't take a lot of time. I'm at my computer everyday, so it takes very little time to enter in a receipt or two each day. Then at the end of the month, I check everything against our credit card and bank statements. So now I enter sales tax, too, and let Excel keep up with it.
And now, in celebration of having the taxes done, I think I shall hie myself off to stitch.


mark said...

I thought I was the only one waiting till the last minute to file..lol! I did our taxes yesterday. We thought we'd be paying but thank goodness we get a refund! I told Mark what you and Sandi said about the sales tax and I did further investigation on that. Um...I believe we are going to now keep receipts--only I don't know excel so I guess I'll have to learn.


Cindy F. said...

Girl! We do the same thing!! We save every receipt! Nathan does the Turbo Tax thing, but he keeps all the receipts on Excel. It's amazing how all those eating out taxes and other stuff can add up!
We have to pay this year, so we are waiting to the last day...lol!

Lisa said...

Way-to-go. I think that is a great trait to have and there is nothing wrong with it. I wish that I was dedicated like you - I use to be, but got too busy (or just didn't make the time to keep track). And, just a piece of advice, which I wish that I would have followed - remember to back everything up...externally. Our hard drive crashed; crashed so bad it effected the 2nd drive. Bye, bye photos and bye, bye 18 years of quicken. ouch!