Apr 27, 2009

New computer is on the way...

I am going through severe blog posting withdrawal. I've tried posting with Mozilla Firefox, but I'm not having much success. As IE is allowing me to access it and it hasn't thrown me out and locked up my computer YET, I'll try a quick post.
I'm stitching on "Boo Y'all" by Redbird Designs and should get done with it soon. DH is working on the new bathroom, with Emma being terrier-obsessed with the holes he's drilled in the floor for the plumbing.
It's been raining like crazy here. Our driveway is a mess, but we finally got a guy out to do an estimate for getting the slippery hump and puddled dip fixed. The weather is wet but nice - warm days and mild nights.
I'm looking forward to going to the IH35 Stitchtogether this coming weekend. DH plans to go to Cabela's and buy either a hunting stand tripod or a deer corn feeder. Man toys - more expensive than cross stitching!


Cindy F. said...

I know you'll be so happy to get your new computer! DH's came this past week, so now I'm on his and wow!! is it fast! Such a nice change!
Emma's just like our Lizzie...checking things out to make sure they're keeping us safe!...lol!
and you are sooo right about man toys being more expensive than our cross-stitching. That's why my dh never complains about my shopping!
Have fun @ your I-35 stitchers get-together and tell them I'm sending a shout-out from New Braunfels:0

Gloria said...

I'm going through withdrawal too! I miss your blog posts.

Love the picture of inspector Emma. LOL