Sep 4, 2011

Cabinet bottoms

Our goal for this long Labor Day weekend is to get the bottom kitchen cabinets made and hopefully get our kitchen sink installed so we can stop washing dishes in the bathroom sink.

Yesterday, DH was able to get the cabinet base made with help from Emma.  Because we don't want to waste time painting these cabinets, DH covered the floor of the cabinets by gluing down some of our leftover vinyl flooring.  We want to get the cabinets made quickly so we can get all the kitchen stuff out of the den and back into the kitchen where it belongs.

These will be eclectic but usable cabinets.  No painting.  I will polyurethane the face frame and two ends, but that will be it.  And we're reusing the old doors and drawers and they won't win any beauty contests anyway.

"Must protect male human from annoying nail gun!"
Base being built with supervision.
Adding plywood floor to base.
"I think there's an air bubble right there."
Cabinet base with vinyl flooring glued down.

1 comment:

Gloria said...

I like the idea of using vinyl flooring as a cabinet bottom.

Emma is such a hard little worker. Always on the job.