Sep 6, 2011

Close but no sink

DH got a lot done on the cabinets, but not enough to get the kitchen sink put in.  So we're still washing dishes in the bathroom sink.  Oh well.  

These cabinets will certainly look eclectic.  DH is scrounging in his shop for usable wood.  Paint would cover a multitude of blemishes, but we're not painting it.  Hey! Maybe we can start a new interior decorating trend - we can call it the "Scrounged in the Shop" look!
Adding the partitions.
Working on the face frame.

As of Monday night.

DH was sitting down on the floor checking some measurements when Emma decided to make herself at home in his lap.

I got some stitching time in on "Liberty Lane."  This project was mostly a UFO because it had bored me so deeply that I thought I'd never finish it.  I dislike stitching the same thing over again and this pattern has a lot of repeats.  But after ignoring it for nine months, I like it again and will finish it.  I'll post a picture tomorrow.

And we seem to be starting 'coon wars.  DH chased a family of raccoons out of his deer corn feeder yesterday.  This morning at about 4:00 a.m., DH chased another raccoon off the porch where it was trying to get into the garbage.  We keep our garbage in a big trashcan with a lid, but the raccoon was still trying to get into it.  Emma slept through the garbage can incident.  Some watchdog, eh?


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Miss LindaLee said...

Haven't visited in a while and I love the progress on your kitchen. Now if I can get my DH to finish up our own kitchen project.....I have to give him credit though. He stays very busy with many projects and it seems that right now, the clean up from Irene is holding our attention.
I found a site a few days ago and on it, some pictures of ply board kitchen floors. The way the floor was done with the boards made it look like individual hardwood pieces. Cheap and pretty! Sounds good to me!