Sep 27, 2011

WIP "Bone Cheeks"

We're really enjoying having our kitchen sink back.  And the bathroom sink is once again just a bathroom sink.  ;-)   DH got the cabinet doors fit to the cabinets.  Now I will polyurethane both the cabinets and the door fronts before we put everything back in the cabinets.  

Sometime in the past, a previous owner of our house stripped most of the paint off the lower cabinets and put some brown stain on them. They left them that way with no protective coating of polyurethane or lacquer.  Which means they had a lot of water and food stains on them.  I am going to scrub clean both the doors and the drawers within an inch of their lives and then polyurethane them.  I've already done the drawers and now must do the doors.  They still look pretty ratty but at least they will be easier to keep clean.  Here is a picture where you can see the polyurethaned drawers next to the unpolyurethaned doors.

And here is where I am on "Bone Cheeks."



Gloria said...

Woohoo! Happy dancing about your sink. Nice progress on the cabinets and no dreaded nail gun that makes extra work for Emma!

Rachel S said...

Bone cheeks looks wonderful!

Mary said...

Where the heck is Emma? I thought she was the supervisor on this

Bone Checks looks pretty cool!