Dec 18, 2008

Christmas Ornament

Tonight we're going to DH's office Christmas party. His boss is hosting it at his house. It'll be a fun time. I like all of the people DH works with; they're good folk.
I have been to office Christmas parties that were not fun. I remember when I worked at UTHSCD as an Instructor, all the faculty were required to attend the tedious and very-dress-up Christmas party put on by the university uppity-ups. It was a pain in the bohonkus. I hated every minute of it. The food was bad and there was not one single drink available that didn't have alcohol in it. DH and I don't drink. I finally finagled a waiter into bringing us glasses of water.
Anyway, tonight should be relaxing and fun (and I don't have to cook!). The party includes a gift swap and I usually stitch an ornament for it. Actually, this year, I didn't have time to stitch one, but I had an unfinished one left over from last year. So I did a quick finish with the materials I have unpacked and here is the result:

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Gloria said...

This Christmas party sounds like my kind of party. I hated those tedious uppity-up parties too.

Hope you have fun tonight. Love the ornament.