Dec 30, 2008

She ain't as innocent as she looks

Remember that loaf of homemade rye bread that I got for Christmas? Remember how I said I wasn't going to share it? Hmmph.
One night while DH was off hunting, I made myself an open-faced sandwich of that lovely rye bread with cheddar cheese melted on it, and decided to watch T.V. while I ate it. We get our signal from a roof antenna, and it has to be turned depending on what channel we want to watch.
So, I was out on the porch, turning the antenna and then peering in the window to check on the T.V. picture quality. After the third turn, I peered in the window to see Emma finishing off my sandwich. ACK!!!
Note to self: don't leave your sandwich where the dog can get to it, cheese hound that she is.


Rachel S said...

She is an adorable angel LOL.

LoriRay said...

HAHAHA!!! I would give almost anything to see a picture of you peering in through the window to see that sweet dog muching happily away on your sandwich. That is too funny!

Happy New Year! May 2009 be good to you. Also, may the frog and the furry sandwich thief leave you alone. (And it wouldn't hurt to share with the furry sandwich theif, you know.) ;-)