Dec 8, 2008

This and that and a frog

As always, thank y'all for your comments and encouraging words!
Saturday was my day to drive to Austin for the IH35 Stitchtogether. I got a lot of stitching done on my current WIP, and am close to finishing it! And I calculated that the last time I stitched on it was at the November Stitchtogether. Very sad.
There were five of us there - Mary, Lynn, Di, Sandi, and myself. We always bring food and we all brought "mealish" food this time; there wasn't a dessert or any chocolate to be found! ACK!
We also exchanged Christmas ornaments. The rules were that ornaments could be stolen twice before it was declared "owned." We must have all been very mellow as no one stole anything. I received an ornament from Di that she designed herself!
Blogger has this new "Followers" feature. I was interested in doing it on my blog, but it took it SIX MINUTES to load on my dial-up for each entry. So it ain't happening on this blog. FYI - pretty much if your blog is listed on mine, I read it.
Over Thanksgiving, we visited DH's family. One of his aunts is an avid crocheter. She spends all year crocheting animals, toys, slippers, and bookmarks to sell at a local annual craft fair. Many of the designs are her own. I always HAVE to go look at all her creations. She keeps them in a spare bedroom on built-in shelves that cover an entire wall, and they fill the shelves! (I know, I should bring my camera next year and take a picture).
Anyway, just as I was about to leave the room, a spot of green caught my eye. It was the most adorable frog! I bought him with intentions of giving him away at an IH35 Stitchtogether. But he's so darn cute that I ended up keeping him for myself (sorry ladies) and perching him where he could be guardian over my stitching area and keep annoying stitching frogs at bay.
Well, I'm off to unpack several of our eleventy-billion boxes of books. Y'all have a great day!


Rachel S said...

I would have kept him too! A big frog to ward off the small frogs!

mark said...

Lisa, I really needed that frog Saturday. I kept quiet but I was silently having to FROG a couple of

And you think you have too many books (which of course, boggles my mind as you can't EVER have too many) but ya oughta see mine!


LoriRay said...

I LOVE your frog! He's perfect!

That ornament is too cute -- lucky you to get it. :)

Daffycat said...

Awesome frog!

What a fun exchange and you got such a sweet ornament!