Dec 4, 2008

YEEHAW! An empty P.O.D.S.!

Okay, I tried to post on Monday, but Blogger kept omitting my formatting. I am very particular about formatting and don't like it to be omitted. After three tries, I gave up.
Tuesday, DH and I drove up and back to east Texas to attend the home-going celebration (funeral) of a former coworker and friend. I'll post about that tomorrow.
Yesterday, I ran a bazillion errands in town including a trip to Wal-Mart and the Post Office (in December - ACK!!). But last night, our young friend Preston came over to help DH UNLOAD THE P.O.D.S.! That's right, it's empty! All our furniture and lots of boxes are now in the house! YEEHAW!!
Here's proof! And that's my stitching rocking chair behind all those boxes! WHEE-E-O!!
DH and I are avid readers and have lots of books - you can never have too many books. After carrying the umpteenth box of books into the house, Preston commented that he was not going to date or marry a girl that liked to read or collect books. (He was kidding.)


Rachel S said...

It's good to have lots of books. And so glad you have your stuff moved in.

Daffycat said...

Yay, Now for unpacking!

I love old books. We were in a used/rare bookstore one day, and Rick had the audacity to say he wished I liked collecting money as much as books. Humph.

Jennifer said...

Our movers were stunned by the number of books we had, and mentioned it several times. I asked if they had ever moved anyone with so many books, and he said "No." LOL