Nov 25, 2008

A floor without glue...

...won't stick down. Yep, we ran out of glue. Poop.
We got 1/3 of the floor glued down last night. We would have had the whole thing done if we'd had the glue. We could have made the half-hour drive into town, bought more glue at Lowe's, and then made the half-hour drive back home. But Lowe's glue is $5.00 more a bucket than Surplus Warehouse glue and Surplus Warehouse closed at 5:30 p.m. Based on our calculations, we need six more tubs of glue. Oh well.
DH will pick up more glue today on the way home from work. He will save $30.00 and the time and gas for a trip into town, and we will get it done tonight.
DISCLAIMER: If you are doing a vinyl floor "right," you don't glue it down to OSB. You use something like higher grade plywood and you are careful to mask or match the seams of the plywood. You use a higher grade (thicker) vinyl over a wood subfloor. Our vinyl is thin enough to strain tea through which is what you'd expect at 44 cents a square foot. Or you glue it down over smooth concrete. We are not doing this floor "right." We are doing it cheap and temporary, and don't care that we can see the OSB seams under the vinyl. We only care that we can clean it easily. A 4' x 8' sheet of OSB was $6.28. The same size of "proper" plywood was $21.99 a sheet. This was a tightwad no-brainer.
Back to your irregularly scheduled blog post.
Here is a picture of what we got done. You can get the idea anyway. Yep, the vinyl floor is a fake wood plank pattern.
For the rest of the week, we will be engaging in Thanksgiving festivities in various places with sundry people. There will be turkey and talk of deer hunting. There will fishing. Hopefully, there will be stitching. DH hopes to actually deer hunt at several points during the weekend. I hope to get furniture into my den. We will see what transpires. I'll post if I can, but don't expect me back until December 1st. Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and count your blessings!

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Suzanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!