Nov 10, 2008

Monday musings - long

Yeah, I know. I haven't posted since last Tuesday.
Last week was a blur. DH and I were suffering with our annual fall/winter-seasonal-change-sinus-weirdness. This always happens right after we've had our first "cold front" of the season that lasts more than a week, and is followed by a week or more of much warmer weather. It makes our sinuses fritz out. We go around with a dull sinus headache and a Sudafed haze. It lasts about a week and then our bodies decide that yes, winter is indeed coming on, and they decide to get with the program and get on with it.
Right now, it is raining. I hate rain. I'm part plant and prefer sunny days. However, rain is necessary, so I allow that it must fall. And we are a bit behind on annual rainfall here in my part of Texas. Too bad I don't live in Camelot where supposedly rain only falls after sundown! And now I will have the song "I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight" running through my head all day - happens each and every time I think of Camelot. I know the whole song and can sing it in an English accent.
We continue to make slow progress on the home front although we didn't get any furniture moved in this past week as you may have surmised as you didn't hear any yells, did you?! DH got Emma's dog door installed and I am no longer her personal door slave. But we had to spend the weekend reminding her that she had a dog door again. Reminding her consisted of one of us getting down on our hands and knees, sticking our head out the dog door, and hollering for her. At first, she would run around to the front door and wait for one of us to open it (the dog door is on one side of the house). Then it became a race to make it over to the dog door and lick the face hanging out of it before it could be pulled back in. Thankfully, she figured it all out pretty quickly. Once she remembered, she spent a lot of time going in and out. She seems quite gleeful about it.
I was going to take pictures of some progress (including my WIP!) but my camera batteries are dead and I don't have anymore AAs in the house. I have a battery recharger, but it is out in the P.O.D.S. somewhere. I'll get some new batteries when I go to town tomorrow. So look for pictures later this week.
Friday night we heard on the news that the bank we have our home loan with went under and was taken over by another bank. But "not to worry." Yeah, right. DH is calling them this morning to check on things.
Even though I am a Texas A&M Aggie fan, I will root for any Texas team (even tu) if they are playing a non-Texas team. And I'll root for any Texas team if they are in the BCS top 10 (unless the team is tu with another Texas team ranked above them). Right now, the Texas Tech Red Raiders are doing very well! They are ranked second and are ahead of tu. In fact, the Raiders handed tu their first defeat (bwahahaha!) and the Raiders are still undefeated! DH and I had a good time watching the Raiders beat OSU Saturday night on television.
We'll not discuss the Dallas Cowboys or the Aggies at this point.
DH went hunting on our land twice this weekend but didn't get anything. He did see several does, but he is not allowed to shoot does right now in our county, only bucks. He is not a happy hunter.
I haven't stitched since last Saturday, so I'm not a happy stitcher.
FYI - did you know that if you buy a cell phone to use with a certain provider (AT&T or Verizon for example), that the cell phone is locked into that provider?
DH and I have a pair of very nice Motorola V330s that we bought when we had to change to T-Mobile when we moved back to Texas. Then when we moved out to our new place, we had no bars and the phones would not work. So we had to switch providers. We got free phones, but hate them. Among other things, the clarity is terrible (really a problem for me with my hearing loss). We SOOOO wanted our old phones back.
DH heard from a co-worker that there are ways to unlock the phones so that they may be used with any provider. He googled "Unlock Motorola V330" and came up with several sites. Armed with this information, he talked to the co-worker who took it up as a personal challenge to get our old phones unlocked. (DH is computer and techno challenged - there is no way he could have done this!) The co-worker was able to log onto a site that gave her the unlock codes and 36 hours later, our old phones worked again! It cost about ten bucks - the fee for the code and a Starbucks coffee for the co-worker's time. ☺ So if you have an old phone you'd rather use, don't despair - it can be unlocked!
Well, I've rambled enough for one morning. I hope it stops raining at some point because it's as dark as a stack of black cats outside and in the house, and I've got things I need to do that require natural light. Phooey on rain.


Gloria said...

Oh how I agree with you about sunshine. I can tolerate one day of rain. That's my limit.

Woo Hoo for Emma's new doggy door. The training technique you described was my laugh for the day.

btw...the Bears and Aggies meet this weekend. No predictions here so I'll just say SIC 'EM BEARS!

Cyndi said...

...he's wishing he were in Scotland, fishing tonight...

I'm a '79 grad of Texas Tech- Yeay Raiders!!!!!