Nov 13, 2008

Redbird Designs, a WIP, and cows

Public Service Announcement for all you Redbird Designs (RD) lovers: Lorraine is quitting the business and moving to New York with her family. I received this notice from a friend who received it from her LNS. ACK! Shops will be able to order through the end of November, so if you have RD patterns on your wish list, get 'em now!
I went on an RD spree yesterday at 3 Stitches and shot my stash budget through December as I bought all 15 patterns on my wish list. But boy! will I have fun fondling once they arrive in the mail!
And as THE SUN IS FINALLY BACK OUT AFTER FOUR DAYS OF BEING GONE, I was able to get a good picture of my WIP. I just have to fill in the stitches around the edges and top of the panel, and then I can finish it and hang it up (it's a bell pull)!
I wrangled cows again this morning. We've been cow-free since last week, but this morning, I was out wranglin' again. I enticed them back to their own pasture with a bucket of feed (our neighbor left us some feed just for that purpose). They are getting into our other neighbor's pasture and escaping through his fence. That's what they did this morning. I saw them hopping the fence down our driveway past our land and went out to fetch them home. Then I patched the other neighbor's fence with a piece of old hog panel. FYI - Wire snips won't cut bobwahr, you have to use bolt cutters.
I had strong words with the biggest black Angus cow. She will butt you in the backside real hard with her head if you are carrying feed and she wants it. She got herself elbowed in the cheek (on her face) several times before she realized that wasn't a good thing to do to me. I renamed her Yankee as she's rude and pushy. ☺ And I have extra laundry to do as the jeans I wore while wranglin' have cow spit and cow snot all over the backside. Whee.

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Suzanne said...

"I renamed her Yankee as she's rude and pushy." I laughed so loud that the dogs woke up and thought I was crazy!