Nov 24, 2008

Poor, pitiful Emma!

(This is being reposted as Blogger ate the post when I tried to correct the typo in the title. BTW - Emma's toe is much better and she thanks you for your concerned comments!)
Several weeks ago, DH was throwing the tennis ball for Emma when she came up limping. She had injured the nail on one of her front toes. Well, it would get better and then she'd hurt it again. She'd gimp around on three legs.
Early this week, she went spelunking under an old shed on our property and hurt the toe yet again. So today, we went to the vet. The vet said the nail was dead and needed removing. He said as a young vet, he usually put animals to sleep for nail removal, but as an older and wiser vet, he recommended the "grab, yank, one yelp, and you're done" method. I opted for this method.
While the assistant held Emma, and I distracted her with a tongue depressor covered in Cheez Whiz, the vet grabbed and yanked. Sure enough, one yelp and it was over. Emma did sniff at her paw once, but then went back to the Cheez Whiz. She now has a nifty red bandage to wear for two days, and some pain tablets.
I gave her a tablet even though she doesn't seem to be too bothered by the toe. She still wants to play with her "Dirty Kitty," a toy so named because his middle is always dirty where Emma grabs him. She's killed the squeaker in it; it only clunks when she tries to get it to squeak.
Silly dog.

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