Nov 11, 2008

A cloudy Tuesday

Well, it's still cloudy and raining here. The bump/hump on our driveway has become a car trap again. We parked the car/truck down past the danger zone and have to hike down to them in the mud and rain. It beats paying for a tow truck.
We had the bulldozer guy out this weekend to take a look and give us a bid on fixing the bump/hump. We are awaiting his bid. He concurred that the bump/hump was made of "Texas white clay that gets slicker than snot" when rained on. Yeah, we knew that.
Apparently, the locals all know about "that driveway" to our house. Even though many of them thought of buying this property/house for a weekend hunting cabin, none were willing to take on "that driveway." Our neighbor with the cows told us this. We figure the driveway problems are a fair exchange for the peace, quiet, and privacy.
DH (Texas Tech Class of '83) was able to "nest" in his shop last night. He made a start in getting it organized in preparation for getting all of his tools out of the den.
We closed on our house in May, had the shop built in early June, and then worked out here all summer, moving in on August 31st. When we first got the shop, we were moving shop loads out here as we were able and just chucking them in the shop. As DH did demolition on the house, he was also saving usable wood and cabinets. At one point in July, I spent an entire day organizing DH's shop just so we'd have room to move around and to store more stuff. As we moved more stuff in, that organization was lost. So, DH is (FINALLY!) starting to get it organized. Frankly, I don't care how he organizes it as long as he GETS HIS STUFF OUT OF MY DEN!
I was in a grumpy mood yesterday. So instead of doing more caulking as I couldn't see well in the gloomy and rainy daydark, I plunked my backside down and stitched the afternoon away. I am SO CLOSE to finishing my WIP! I just have fill-in left to do at the edge and top of the banding. I will post a picture as soon as I get more camera batteries.
As I have no camera batteries for new pictures, I will leave you with an older picture of Emma.


Rachel S said...

You're famous! You're the people with "that driveway! That is awesome. As one of "those people with the Mustang and the big truck", it's good to be the neighborhood celebrity.

Suzanne said...

I think in my neighborhood, I'm probably known as "that woman with all the construction stuff on her carport that won't finish whatever it is she's doing to her house". I'd rather be the people with the driveway! LOL

I just love Miss Emma. She is SO cute!


Rachel said...

Youve been tagged. Stop by my blog and find out more :o)