Nov 4, 2008

Mysterious modem and a very long post

My modem went wonky on me last Wednesday and I was unable to connect to the internet. I couldn't take the CPU into town to my computer guy until yesterday. Thomas connected up my modem and it worked fine for him. So, I brought my CPU home, hooked it all back up, and my modem worked again. Who knows? All that counts is that the darn thing is now working and I can post again.
Saturday was bliss. I was able to make the IH35 Stitchtogether for the first time since July. It was really great to see everyone and to catch up on all the news. I also got to fondle and gawk at Mary's and Lynn's new stash. Everyone had lots of Show-n-Tell finishes (except me). I so enjoy seeing everyone's finishes. Peggy and Di brought framed finishes; it's always fun to see "completely" finished finishes. Gloria showed off the really cool frog fob she stole from LoriRay. She actually made it home with it as none of us were able to "acquire" it from her. But best of all, I GOT TO STITCH FOR A WHOLE AFTERNOON UNINTERRUPTED BY COWS!!!
We find it necessary to have lots of food available at our stitchtogether. We all brought stuff to eat. Unfortunately, the lady who brings all the cutlery, napkins, and plates had an emergency and couldn't come. So there we were with food we couldn't eat because we had nothing to eat it with or on! And wouldn't you know it, the library switched from paper towels to air hand dryers, so we couldn't even appropriate paper towels to use as plates! Gloria brought Schlotzky's sandwiches and we were able to munch on those, but the Snickers salad and unsliced bar cookies sat there temptingly with no way to eat them.
On the home front, we got a lot of things done on the house last week. The kitchen is 95% done. We just need to put a threshold down in the doorway, but must wait until DH can use his table saw (which is in pieces somewhere out in the shop).
I have one more coat of paint to put on the doorway molding in the bedroom and then I'll be done with that. In the past, I've always used inexpensive ColorPlace paint from Wal-Mart. Well, I researched paint and bought the pricier and "better" Behr paint to use on trim molding. It is awful. I hate it. It doesn't cover near as well as my old cheap Wal-Mart paint. It also doesn't brush out or feather edge well. I'm having to use two coats of the Behr paint on the door moldings because it didn't one-coat cover my spackle. Stupid paint. The next room I paint, I will be going back to using ColorPlace.
I had the brilliant idea of using plastic cable ties to hold the new hog panels in place on the fence railings until our friend can come out and weld them on. He was supposed to come back two weekends ago, but got called into work. He will be out in the middle of November to try again. Anyway, the ties hold the panels quite well, and after working on the fence all last week after DH got home from work, we are nearly done with tying it. We should get it finished tonight even if we have to do it by flashlight as we no longer have Daylight Savings Time (whine). Then DH will have to install Emma's dog door and I will no longer be her personal door slave.
Our neighbor's cows enjoyed freedom so much that they started getting out of our pasture and visiting a lot of other pastures. Three days in a row, they followed DH up the driveway when he got home from work. Then on Friday, we saw hide nor hair of them. Our neighbor called to report that a friend of his down the road had found them and put them in his pasture until our neighbor can secure his fence. He was going to come out this weekend until DH reminded him that it was the start of deer rifle season. It would not be a good weekend to be wandering a fence line in the woods. Indeed, at dawn and dusk all weekend, you could hear the frequent sound of rifle shots.
On that note, DH hunted on our land this weekend and got a nice spike buck that yielded about 42 pounds of meat before processing. My freezer and I are excited! And DH is no longer a gloomy hunter.
I really miss Daylight Savings Time. It gets dark way too early now. Yesterday, I went to Lowe's and bought DH two shop lights for his shop. He doesn't have electricity out there yet, but can run them off extension cords from the house for now. He needs to "nest" out there and get stuff arranged/rearranged before we can move all the tools out of the den. Hopefully, he can get that done and we can move furniture into the den this weekend. If it doesn't happen this weekend, I'm sure it will happen by the next weekend. You'll know when it does as you'll probably be able to hear my hollering for joy from several states away.
I ordered some stash this weekend. I saw this pattern by Twisted Oaks, "Trixie and Treat." Now, normally this type of pattern is not my thing, but this one struck my fancy so I ordered it. I also ordered Sue Hillis' "Yo Ho Ho Ho" pattern that I showed y'all several posts ago - the Santa pirate.
Well, I'm off to vote, and I hope you are voting today also!

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LoriRay said...

Hey! I've been looking for that fob! Nab it for me next time, will ya'? LOL

Woo hoo for cow-free stitching! You needed that after your antics in your robe that I saw on CNN.

One of these days, we have got to meet in person. :)