Dec 16, 2008

Long musings from a cold Texan

Most of the USA is having problems with winter weather, and my part of south central Texas is included. Our high today will be about 35 degrees. The high inside my house will hit about 55 degrees. Space-heaters and a mostly drafty uninsulated house make me hope for a short, warm winter and several more pairs of sweatpants. Oh well. It will only be for one winter. And tomorrow will be warmer. Now if the sun would only come back out, but that ain't happening until next week. Bummer. I may wilt.
The weather outside isn't "frightful," it's squirrely. On Saturday and Sunday, we had sun with temperatures up in the 70s. One day last week, we had snow down here! I hate snow unless I'm skiing on it. Here's a picture:
I've made great progress with the mound of boxes in my den; I have about eight boxes left. However I've run up against the problem of having no place to put certain things because they will go in a place that DH hasn't had time to build yet. Cabinets, shelving, or my promised built-in computer/task desk for example.
After listening to my wails of woe, DH decided to put off work on the new bathroom (with my approval) and stop and build an underbed storage unit for our bedroom. We spent an afternoon hammering out (i.e. arguing and discussing) what we wanted in said storage unit. Then DH had to spend another half day drawing out the plans on several pieces of graph paper to placate his engineering soul and meticulous woodworker's heart. Next, we had to make a trip to town for lumber. DH also had to clean and organize his shop enough in order to actually be able to work in it. He hopes to begin cutting lumber tonight.
Wtih unpacking, I've been too busy to stitch. Oh, those of you lusting after and plotting ways to acquire my stitching chair should take heed: my chair is protected by my new Watch Frog. If my chair is removed from its rightful place, the thief will forever be plagued by stitching frogs every time they sit down to stitch until their dying day. Bwahahahaha!
It was really nice to unpack and set out my pirate collection yesterday. I don't have many as pirates are hard to come by. This makes the ones I do have even more special. Here's a picture of them:
Speaking of pirates, Sue Hillis Designs has made available a cute little pirate Santa freebie that matches her "Yo Ho Ho Ho" pirate Santa. You can download it from her website here.
Well, after I get our very late Christmas letters all ready to mail out, I'll be spending the afternoon stitching. It's too dang cold in the house to do anything else.


Rachel S said...

We're twins in the cold house department. I hate it.

Daffycat said...
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Daffycat said...

I'm quite tired of 70's one day and 18 the next. This is going to be a long winter, I think.

Gloria said...

I'm glad the pirates escaped the P.O.D.S.
Dang Watch Frog! Now I'll have to look elsewhere for a chair like that.