Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year and all that rot

Happy New Year! Whoopdedoodle! No, I don't do resolutions. No, we didn't go out and "celebrate." We were in bed early, but were awakened by the sounds of gunfire and fireworks going off around midnight. We were not amused. We never are. Yeah, we're sticks in the mud. We haven't been up intentionally at midnight on New Year's Eve in probably a decade.
I've noticed that several of the blogs I follow are posting stitching resolutions or stitching goals. Goals for a hobby seem counterproductive to me - too much like work. However, I am not above posting about hopes.
I usually finish twelve to fifteen projects per year. This past year, what with all the work on the new house, I only finished nine. I finished my bellpull last night. I'll post a picture after I get it washed, pressed, backed, and "hardwared up." Maybe I'll be able to do that tomorrow. BUT!! A finish is still a finish, so I'm happy.
For 2009, I have several "have to" projects to get done before I can go back to being a selfish stitcher. I started my new nephew's birth announcement today ("Baby Boy"). I hope to get it done quickly. Then I have a special project to stitch for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary which is in late May. After that, I'm dragging my MIL's HBP WIP out and will stitch on it until it's finished; I've done two out of 15 pages so far. I figure 2009 will be a three-project year if I'm lucky.
I hate having WIPs. I have three and don't like it. I'm a one-project-at-a-time gal. I have the birth announcement, my MIL's WIP, and my take-to-the-stitching-group-meeting WIP. I could handle having a regular WIP and the stitching group WIP, but more WIPs that that is too many. I know, I'm pitiful, aren't I? Those of you with multiple WIPs in double and triple digits are laughing. Oh well.

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mark said...

Mark and I don't stay up late either on New Year's. Gosh, I can't remember the last time we did!! Our dog and cat were petrified with all the noise outside so I had to spend the night calming them (Mark is sick and went to bed at 7:00 pm).

About those WIPs, I am usually a one at a time, but found that I had too many I wanted to stitch. So, I'm rotating with 4. And those are all for me! That being said, I do have a couple I'd like to gift and will have to start on them soon. Lisa, one is a Redbird Design "Texas Home". It's for my sister who moved to Washington too many years ago. I figure this will remind my sister of her "roots"...lol