Jan 10, 2009


DH and I met each other playing church league recreational coed slow pitch softball; he was pitcher, I was catcher. He noticed my blue eyes behind my catcher's mask and asked me out. The rest is history. He proposed, we got married. And we still love playing softball. We used to play every spring/summer. But for the last nine years, we haven't played due to one reason or another.
A gal at DH's work is organizing a softball team. (The boss is sponsoring it so we'll get T-shirts!). DH agreed to "coach." This is recreational slowpitch so coaching consists of mainly telling people where to play and deciding the batting order for that game. We're so excited that we get to play again!
DH dug out our old equipment bag to check and see if all our stuff was still usable. Other than needing to oil our gloves, everything was fine, even our old cleats! DH's glove is over 35 years old. Mine I inherited from my brother; it is at least 25 years old. We would have hated to break in new gloves!
When we first started playing, DH routinely hit home runs. As we've gotten older, he's noticed that although the ball still goes as far, he can't run as well or as fast. Now his home runs are only doubles. *sigh* And as for me? I've never hit a double in my life! But I can still run fast for a short woman. Although I have to stretch out for a REALLY long time before I start a game.
Ohboyohboyohboy! Softball! The smell of a freshly-oiled glove, the smell of diamond dirt, the sound of balls pinging off of bats, the sound of cleats grinding in the batter's box, the happy sound of the ump calling, "Strike!" on DH's pitches! Ohboyohboyohboy! The league starts up at the end of February and I can't wait!

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Brenda Lou said...

Sounds like a blast!! How fun!