Jan 20, 2009

Last stitchbook page

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments about my stitchbooking pages and my bellpull finish! I appreciate it!
I finished my last stitchbook page yesterday. I'm out of small unfinished projects to put in it. This page came out the best, in my opinion. And I also spent about three bucks on it. I had to give my tightwad-self CPR.
Michael's had scrapbooking papers on sale 7/$1.00 last week. So I took the finished piece with me because I wanted to find a solid brown color that would make the colors in it really pop. Well, of course the solid colors were not on sale. But I did find the "perfect" brown, so I paid full price for it. Then I made the mistake of wandering down the sticker alphabet aisle and saw the "perfect" alphabet stickers. They were not on sale either, and I paid full price for them, too.
What do you do with the unused portions of sticker packs? They sit around like long orts in my opinion.
Anyway, here is the page. This is "Purr-turbed" by Margaret Sherry (Heritage Stitchcraft pattern). And yes, I took the picture wonky; everything on the page is straight.