Jan 28, 2009

Something else to argue about

It never ceases to amaze me what a bunch of women will argue about. The latest discussion in the stitching world is over buying or not buying charts with a "real" picture on them. Geesh.
For the record, I buy charts if I like the pattern regardless of whether or not the image of the pattern is a "real" photograph or a computer-generated image. I have some freebies and small kits that didn't have any picture but the chart itself, and they stitched up fine.
Some people apparently will only buy a chart if the picture on the cover is of the real stitched item. I'm at peace with that. Some will only buy a chart if they can first see a stitched model in their local needlework shop. Okay, I'm at peace with that, too. Some, like me, don't care; we're at peace with that. But it's the arguing and snipping at designers that gets me.
There were folks on a message board I read who were actually telling designers that they won't buy their charts because the picture on the cover is computer-generated. Well, my mama raised me better. If I felt this way, I certainly would keep it to myself. There are alot of designs I like but would never stitch, but I haven't fired off an e-mail to the designer to tell him or her that. Whatever happened to manners and only saying something if it's nice and polite? Fer cryin' out loud.
Emma says, "Get a life. Nap on your male human's legs and get over it."


Rachel S said...

Some people have no home training.

mark said...

I'm so with you!


Gloria said...

I agree with you.

Love the picture of Emma.

Suzanne said...

I like Emma's attitude!