Jan 21, 2009

House update

Several have asked how the house is coming along. In a word, SLOWLY. Winter - even in south central Texas - slows you down a lot. So does hunting season, but I digress...
DH is currently in the process of working on the UBSU and on some cabinets to go over my desk. I got all the coats of paint on the outer parts of the UBSU over the past weekend, and DH should be able to assemble it this coming weekend. I have to slap some polyurethane on a few pieces once it is assembled, and then it will be finished!
While waiting on me (and for the weather to cooperate) to get the paint on the UBSU, DH built me some cabinets to go on the wall over my desk with the leftover UBSU lumber. He's got the frames made, and hopes to get the face frames made and attached by the weekend. Then I'll have to paint them. He'll make the doors later.
In the house, I am waiting for these WIP storage units to be completed so I can move mountains of waiting-for-a-home stuff that is in assorted piles in corners about my house to their new homes. And yes, the piles of stuff are driving me crazy.

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Gloria said...

You could have more free space if you would let me pick up that stitching chair. :)