Jan 16, 2009

First finish of 2009!

I finished my nephew's birth announcement last night. Now I just have to find out from my SisIL how she'd like me to finish it. Framed? Cube? Mounted and ready to go in a scrapbook? (I promise to take the backing off the WonderUnder this time.) Here's a picture of it unwashed and not ironed.
I'm plodding along through the photo album redo. Bleagh. What a bore. It doesn't help that some of the pictures are out of sequence as to timeline. I have to look several pages ahead before starting another page to make sure something isn't out of order.
I started the project for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary today. It should be a fairly quick stitch. Well, quick for me anyway as I'm a very slow stitcher. But I'm not entering any stitching races, so who cares? But I do need to have it finished by around the first part of May so I'll have time to frame it. It will be fussy to frame.

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Daffycat said...

The bear birth sampler turned out perfect! How darling!