Jan 13, 2009

UBSU progress and DH shocked me!

DH got all of the pieces for the UBSU (underbed storage unit) cut out. Now, I must paint the three outer sides. DH would like the entire thing painted. He says he worries about what water would do to it if our waterbed ever leaked. I say that if our waterbed ever leaked enough to get the UBSU wet, then we would have more water problems than just on the UBSU. If he wants the whole thing painted, then he can do it himself. He hates painting. So, as planned, I'll be painting the three sides...
The pieces look weird right now, eh? I got one primer coat on, but the shellac-based primer I'm using really raised the wood grain on the plywood, so I'll have to lightly sand it and put on another primer coat before I put on two paint coats.
The other night, I was surfing the Personalized Samplers on Stephanie's website, Nouveau Encore. She custom-designs samplers to the stitcher ordering it. I'm not a huge sampler fan, but I have always been drawn to these personalized ones, and enjoy looking at them. (She has a lot of other neat designs on her website, so go have a look!)
So there I was, looking at them when I noticed DH looming over my shoulder looking at them, too. He says, "Those are all custom-designed, right?" I nod my head. He then says, "You should order one to stitch for us. I think those are really cool. We could hang it over our bed." I nearly fell off my chair in shock! So I guess I will be ordering one!
A note from my stitching chair: I got all the stitching done on the birth announcement, and am finishing up the backstitching. Then I have to chart the name and birthdate and backstitch that. I'll post a picture after I get all that done.

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