Jan 29, 2009

Photo fatigue

Back when DH and I first got married, we both had film cameras and used them. Very quickly, we used them less and less until they grew obsolete. We had this huge Rubbermaid box full of photos from our high school days, dating era, and early marriage. We NEVER looked at them. They were not in nice albums with labels. They were still in the envelopes they came in from the film developers.
After moving into this smaller house and needing to use every inch of storage space, I decided to go through the box and ruthlessly cull. It was fairly easy as 1) I am not a photo sentimentalist in general, and 2) the photos hadn't seen the light of day in more than 20 years, so we obviously weren't missing them. So, with DH's blessing, I chucked more than 75% of them. I know, some of you are gasping in horror. Get over it. That's the now-empty box with Emma.
Of the ones I did keep, I decided to put into one album all the wedding and honeymoon related photos. I grouped them by event - bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc. I stuck each photo (three to a page) on the page with two mounting squares. I did not label them. I know who everyone is and I know where and when these events took place (I was there, remember?). In the event I get old and can't remember anymore, well so be it. I FINALLY got finished with all those photos yesterday. WHEE-E-O!
Now I just have some old family pictures (that I AM sentimental about) to mount into another photo album. We had all these photos framed and on the walls, but we don't have a lot of blank wall space in this house and I prefer to fill up what there is with my stitching. So we deframed them and I will put them neatly into an album. After getting that done, I am calling it quits. The few remaining photos we decided to keep will go into a much, much smaller box and get stuck in the back or bottom of a cabinet somewhere. For now.
A note from my stitching chair: I haven't been stitching. I've been photoing. I did fondle my new pirate pattern quite a bit, but of course I haven't started on it because I am not done with the pattern for my parents.


Gloria said...

I envy your progress. I have many photos in boxes and drawers. Also have many that need to be deframed. I bought albums for them but have done nothing else.

I just love Emma. I hope to meet her someday.

mark said...

I dunno. I can't imagine throwing away memories. I know my memory ain't so great so when I get out these packets (nope...no scrap book), it reminds me of stuff I've forgotten! However, that being said, I understand throwing away stuff you've haven't seen in ages. I'm in that process right now.