Jan 7, 2009

The "no home for it" blues

WHEE-E-O!! The sun is out today!
Work on the house is progressing slowly, just as we expected would happen in the winter. The days are shorter and colder, and Daylight Savings Time is gone. We were hoping to get a lot done over the holidays, but didn't due to a variety of reasons.
I am usually calm about all the chaos in my house, but today I have a bad case of the "no home for it" blues. You get this when you have ALL your boxes unpacked, but you are forced to pile/stack stuff in corners because the home for said stuff hasn't been built yet.
DH, bless his heart, is trying to help, but there aren't enough hours in the days for him to get all the wanted storage built AND work on the house. He delayed starting work on the new bathroom so he could build us an underbed storage unit (which is about 1/3 done). The "UBSU" as we call it, will get this pile of stuff out of this corner. It will all disappear under the bed! Yippee! (BTW, that's our unfinished new bathroom on the left there.)
This morning, I was kitting up my next project - the one for my parents' 50th anniversary - and was reduced to frustrated wailing while digging through my patterns. No, I'm not starting on it as I'm not done with the birth announcement yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad to have all my stash accessible and not stuck out in the P.O.D.S. in a box somewhere. However, I wish my stash was HORIZONTAL instead of VERTICAL. I keep my patterns in UniKeep binders (the shorter stack). We also keep all our home files in them, too (the taller stack).
All those UniKeeps are supposed to go in cabinets (which I don't yet have) on this wall over a custom-designed built-in desk (which I don't have yet either). Everything is cramped and crowded and not user-friendly. AUUUGGGHHH!!! I try to keep my grumping to myself as it makes DH want to run out to his shop and build things out of sequence.
After a bit of housework, I shall hie myself off to my stitching chair and stitch. Life will be good (especially if I'm not looking directly at all the piles of stuff with no home!).

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Rachel S said...

I have that problem too. My sewing room is a wreck right now because there is stuff I need to buy that I haven't bought yet and it would make it much easier to store.