Jun 20, 2010

How was your week and weekend?

I've been having problems with Blogger and my internet connection for the last couple of days and haven't been able to post.  But all is fine today!

I spent last week painting two walls in DH's shop.  I rolled on two coats of primer and the one coat of paint.  Actually, on Thursday, I was 2/3s through with the final coat of paint before I realized I was so brain-dead that I was still using primer.  So 2/3s of the shop has three coats of primer on it under the paint.  DOH!  I have one wall left to paint, but will have to wait on that until DH is able to move the stuff from in front of it and quits making clouds of sawdust.  

DH is taking a long weekend to once again work on his shop.  He is constructing the work bench with cabinets underneath that goes along one long wall (20 feet) of his shop.  Here he is building the base frame.

Here is Emma "helping."  She hates the pneumatic nail gun and nibbles at it and paws at it every time DH fires it off.  Then she nibbles DH's hand and growls at the nail gun in her squeaky little growl.

And here she is investigating the deer antlers that DH plans to mount over the door someday (the door of his shop, not our house).

 And here is the work bench with the floor of the cabinets attached.  Next, the cabinet dividers and face frames will be fabricated.  DH hopes to get that done this afternoon.

As I have downloaded several free and cheap ebooks this week, I've been reading like a fiend - no stitching at all.  I'm kind of weary of all the confetti stitches on the BAP anyway.


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Mary said...

I sure hope Emma's getting "something" for all the supervision and guarding she's doing!