Jun 15, 2010

A long and septic weekend

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth.  These last few days have been "fascinating" to quote Mr. Spock.  

Last Tuesday, when I last posted, we were having torrential rain - four inches worth!  Our septic system was doing an admirable job in keeping up with all the water.  Due to the type of soil we have here, we have to use an aerobic septic system with pumps and an aerator that uses electricity and requires maintenance and TLC instead of the more "normal" anaerobic system which works by itself and rarely needs maintenance or tending.  Anyway, Tuesday evening, right before we started to go to bed, we noticed that the septic system wasn't working due to the fact that our only toilet wouldn't flush.  

We ended up spending the night in a motel (one that we will never recommend to anyone unless we really dislike them).  I spent most of Thursday waiting for the septic repairman to arrive.  He arrived late in the day and installed a temporary pump until he could get back to properly repair it on another day; evidently, the heavy rain had resulted in many emergency septic system failures.

Friday, DH took the day off to work on his shop.  He spent the weekend on it.  He finished all the electrical, insulating, and hanging of the plywood walls and began trying to clean and organize it.  We can actually see the floor now.  We haven't been able to see the floor since I painted it back in the summer of '08.  I will be painting the walls this week, and DH will be starting to build the main workbench that will go all along the southern 20' wall.  Here is the shop all messy but with finished walls (except for painting).
Thankfully, the septic repairman was out on Saturday to make a full repair.  There was a bad connection to the final pump that he repaired.  But Sunday evening, we noticed again that the septic system was not working, this time because the pump alarm was going off.  The system wasn't completely out, but it was close.  DH called the repairman and he promised to be out first thing Monday morning, which he was, and the system is fixed again.

Emma spent the weekend trying to stay cool, laying belly up where the AC could blow on her.  Ladylike, isn't she?

And in my spare time, I've been reading instead of stitching.



Gloria said...

Sorry about the septic problem. I hope that is one problem that you will never have to deal with again.

LOL @ Emma. You don't have to be ladylike at home.

Lynn D said...

Sorry about the "homeowner blues."

I adore the photo of Emma! I love that dog!

Rachel S said...

Glad to know things are going better as far as that goes.