Jun 23, 2010

Shop cabinet progress

DH continues to make progress on his shop cabinets.  He got the dividers and the face frames all finished.  Here are pictures of the cabinets with the dividers (and Emma) done and then the cabinets with the face frames completed:

Next, DH will install the bench top.  He waffled back and forth over using a pre-made kitchen countertop as a bench top or making his own bench top out of plywood.  Plywood won out.  After he gets the bench top installed, I will polyurethane it and will paint the face frames along with the one shop wall that still needs it.  Then the cabinets will "rest" for awhile before getting doors and drawers as DH will go back to working on the bathroom cabinet and doors.

I am counting the days/hours until I leave for a stitching retreat this weekend.  I am also battling with the BAP.  I am so sick of it that I may shove it back in a cabinet for a while and work on some fun stuff.  We'll see I how feel about it after the stitching retreat as I'm not taking it with me to the retreat; I'm planning to stitch on something totally non-BAPish.


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