Jun 9, 2010

Rain! Bah!

Clouds.  Rain.  Yuck.  Bah!  Pretty much all week.  Makes for a grumpy blogger. 

Saturday last I went to Austin for the monthly I35 Stitchtogether.  We had a lot of fun.  We were missing a few folks, but summer does that to you.  I won the door prize again.  I think I've won it three times in the last six month.  What was really bad was that Mary wrote everyone's names down and mixed them up and had me draw a name; I drew my own!  My door prize bag contained a cool craft bag, some DMC Variations floss, some of those little finger stick-on thimbles (will come in real handy for pushing pins in when I frame!), scissors, a little frog kit, and a little frog figurine.  Of course, the frog kit immediately found a home with Jennifer, our frog fanatic, but the rest of the stuff went home with me.  The frog figurine is on my stitching table.

I left DH home working on his shop.  He is making progress on getting it all insulated, wired, and walled in, but it's going to take awhile.  In retrospect, I should have insisted he finish making the bathroom sink cabinet and doors before he started on this as now the bathroom finish is delayed AGAIN, but I understand how sometimes you just HAVE to get organized.  It was so hot and humid this weekend that DH went through about five gallons of Gatorade.  And Emma helped a little, too.

And I've been distracted this week by the Barnes & Noble "Nook" e-reader that we ended up buying.  They were having a special (they still are) where you get a $50.00 B&N Gift Card with the purchase of a Nook.  As the Nook is the same price as the Amazon Kindle, the free gift card appealed to my tightwad heart.  There are a lot of free or cheap e-books out there and I downloaded some and have been reading a lot.  DH and I were fighting over the Nook a bit as we were both reading different books on it.   I'm investigating and learning about the different e-book formats and where you can buy/borrow e-books.  I'll still probably buy real books, but for a series of books that I may read again but don't want cluttering up my already overcrowded and groaning bookshelves, e-books make sense.

I have been stitching a bit on the BAP, but not much as books have been calling me.  


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