May 28, 2009

Emma's adventure

Late last night Emma was after something under the house and the something got her on the muzzle near her nose. We can only surmise that it was not a poisonous snake as she is still living. We have no idea what it was, and DH - wisely - chose not to go spelunking under the house to find out.
Her muzzle started swelling and she was in a lot of pain. So after calling the vet, we made a trip in for the emergency. Our vet clinic is staffed by three vets and one is always on site 24/7 along with a staff member. The vet looked her over, gave her three injections and then sent us home with two bottle of pills; antibiotics and pain/inflammation medications. He found a couple of puncture wounds on her muzzle.
We all ended up going to bed way past our bedtime.
Today she is not a happy dog. Her muzzle and neck are swollen and the punctures are oozy (which the vet said is normal). But she is drinking okay and eating a bit. She still wants to play with her tennis ball - she likes to chase it in the yard - but only for two or three throws. Of course, she decided to do this right before we go up to Dallas for the weekend to visit relatives. Oh well. She'll get pampered more than usual by them all.
I doubt this will keep her from further chasing of critters under the house. Once a terrier, always a terrier. Silly dog.
I am stitching today, and here is my progress. It's the center of the Alamo (like you can tell). The pattern is by Art Ventures and 123 Stitch has it. I got my copy back in the early 90's during a Hobby Lobby clearance sale. I was a beginning stitcher back then and was a bit skeered of all the color changes, but I liked the pattern.
My folks are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend. I stitched them something and was going to frame it, but decided instead to make a scrapbook page and then give them a scrapbook for photos of the event. My mom is a big picture taker. It's straight on the page; my picture is wonky.
So, don't expect me back until next week. I may post tomorrow if I have time with all the pre-trip hoopla.


Daffycat said...

Oh poor Emma! I hope she heals up quickly!

Jonathan (JP) said...

Hey! What happened to your e-mail address?? Tried sending you a few e-mails to 'backintx' and they bounce back saying user doesn't exist.

Tried calling Kirk too, but it keeps going straight to voice mail.

If you could give me a call and/or shoot me an e-mail with your new address?

-Jonathan Potter

Rachel S said...

Poor Emma. Maybe it was a groundhog?

That design is gorgeous.

Gloria said...

Poor Emma! I am so sorry that happened to her. Makes me sad that something hurt her. Please give her a hug for me.

What a wonderful gift for your parents. I am sure they will love and treasure it.

Mary Ivancicts said...

Hope Emma keeps getting better! I love the idea about the scrap book for your parents.