May 22, 2009

Ladies, I do it every year

Do you? I went and had my annual mammogram today. EVERY woman should have this done yearly along with her regular check-up which should include a pelvic exam and PAP smear along with blood work.
While certainly no fun, these simple tests could save your life. No insurance? Hard up for cash? You can find free clinics in just about any area; call your local hospital to find them.
After I endure these life-saving tests, I allow myself a special treat. I buy stash or indulge in a favorite dessert. Today, I decided to try a Starbucks Java Mocha Chip Frappucino. It was very good, although heavy on the coffee flavor (duh.).
I'm normally not a coffee drinker unless I can put 1/4 cup of cream or more and at least a tablespoon of sugar in it. DH has been telling me that I just HAD to try one of these, so I did. I liked it enough to add it to my list of "infrequent indulgences."
My brother and sis-in-law are avid coffee drinkers. They buy it by the bean and grind their own. They are connoisseurs of coffee.
One day, my brother was telling me that I would just love this new brand of coffee they were using; it was pricey but very, very good. I told him that me drinking his special coffee would be like casting pearls before swine as I would have to adulterate it with much creamer and sugar. Since he and SIL are coffee purists and drink their coffee black, he shuddered and didn't offer the coffee to me again. ☺
No, I'm not stitching, but I'm enjoying a new Star Wars book. Someday soon, I'll come back to my universe and pick up my stitching.
I'll leave you with a picture of Emma investigating the new bathtub while DH was trial-fitting it into place. She just hopped right on in and started sniffing around. I guess she knew there was no water in sight and there was no chance of the dreaded BATH! Normally, you can't get her in the bathtub without physically putting her in it.

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Cindy F. said...

That Emma is just too darn precious!!
New tub! AWESOME!!!

Yep...I get my yearly exams too. Now that may make it easier...a treat afterwards;)