May 6, 2009

Protected and transferred

Well, I went to DH's work and downloaded the full AVG 8.5 program in five minutes with DSL - it would have taken over nine hours on dial-up if my ISP hadn't kept timing out. Then I got home and checked the mail and the AVG CD was in it. At any rate, I got my new computer all protected and up and running.
Those little thumb-sized flash drives are great. I got a 2G one for about eight bucks. I recall that the first computer I bought about 15 years ago had a "huge" hard drive at 540MB. How things change.
I used the flash drive to transfer pertinent files from the old computer to the new. I'd store them on the flash drive, plug it into the new computer, and then run a virus check on all the files. I had to spend a lot of time figuring out what files to transfer. It's amazing how you can let files junk up your hard drive. I had a virtual cleaning frenzy!
Now I am killing my old hard drive with a program from Then I will box up old the old computer pieces and send them back to Dell. Dell has a free old computer recycle program. When you buy a new computer from them, they'll send you free UPS labels to mail off your old one.
I didn't find Vista too hard to adapt to. MS Office 2007 is new and improved and somewhat annoying, but once I get my tool bars set up, I'll be fine.
The only thing about my new computer that I didn't like was the keyboard that it came with. It looks like it came out of a gumball machine. Very minimal and I don't like the feel of it. My old keyboard came with my original computer of 15 years ago as I've never seen the need for a new one. DH persuaded me to get one of the newer fancier ones, so I picked the Logitech Wave.
I'm a big Logitech fan as they are the only folks that make a quality trackball mouse with a thumb ball. I'll go into deep mourning if they ever stop making them. I love trackball mice!
And no, I haven't stitched much lately.

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