May 10, 2009

What a week

Well, I pretty much spent the week getting my new computer up to snuff. I got all the programs loaded that I use. Vista is weird, but I'm getting used to it. I love my new honkin' big monitor. I love my new Logitech Wave keyboard. And after years of being on dial-up, I am now using an AT&T "air card." I can connect to the 3G network and enjoy a speedy internet connection. And I haven't stitched a lick.
The one program that I loaded but couldn't get to work on the new computer is the software for my data card for my CPAP machine. Turns out it's not compatible with Vista 64-bit. Lovely. I need to be able to read my sleep data every day so I'll know how my therapy is going.
So, I found a refurbished mini-notebook at a good price that is loaded with MS Windows XP and ordered it. I'll be able to use it to read my data card. I was not really happy about having to spend money due to a software problem. Let's see, Vista has been out for how long? And Windows 7 is coming out when? And Respironics, the company that makes my CPAP machine and is international, has done nothing to address this problem? Idiots.
DH and I worked our backsides off yesterday working in the yard. It's been raining like crazy off and on for a month and the temperatures have been warm. However, it never dried out enough or stopped raining enough for us to mow. Poor Emma was disappearing in the knee-high grass. DH manned the weed-whacker and I mowed with both the push-mower and the riding lawnmower. At least we can find the dog in the yard now.
We also had to put our AC window units back in. When we took them out last fall, we hoped things would progress to where we'd have our central HVAC installed by now. Oh well. Soon.
Emma likes to go outside and lay in the sun until she gets all hot and pants, then she comes in the house and cools herself off; she knows exactly where the AC blows.


Lisa said...

I have found Vista one of the most unfriendly programs around. I was the first to receive the new package at work...and let's just say that I feel like I have been a guinea pig. For all the problems happen to me first - my work comes to a standstill while IT fixes it...but now with the problem known, everyone else's gets fixed w/no loss of work time. Oh, well...I guess we all finds ways to work around it. On a positive note: the computer is up and running :)
Take care!

Lynn D said...

Is your machine an autoPAP? I'm guessing it is, if you need a card reader. I asked the folks at the sleep clinic about one when I got my new machine about 10 days ago and they didn't want me to have one. I used one for a week to see if my apnea was the same as it was when I started therapy in 2003 or 2004. Most of the time I needed approx. 13.7 but at some points I needed 15.8. They left my machine at 16. I sleep better with the constant 16 on the cpap than I did the autopap.

I've been using the cpap so long that it is like a part of me when I go to bed. I'm not conscious of the nasal-aire or the pressure of the air. I turned the cflex off and never use the ramp feature. I'm only aware of it when I have a problem such as one of the cats biting a hole in the hose. Well, it is a bit troublesome when I have a cold and am congested but that isn't often.