May 20, 2009

A netbook and progress

I received my little laptop in the mail late last week. The darn thing is kind of cute and is about the size of a hardback book. I'll be mostly using it to read my CPAP data as the OS is Windows XP. I don't know how anyone can do any serious typing on such a little keyboard. I guess it's called a netbook because people mainly use it to surf and not type much.
I don't seem to be stitching much of late. Oh well. I've been reading a lot. Oh well.
DH is making slow progress on the new bathroom. He did a partial "plumbing take off" on it last Saturday. He sat in the bathroom with a pad of paper and a tape measure muttering to himself and scribbling for about two hours. Then we went to Lowe's with a list. Once there, he stood around in the company of other muttering men with lists in the plumbing area and tried to find things. We got most of what we came for and DH put several of the items we bought in the wall later that day.
Remember those cabinets DH made for me that are going to go in the office area that I was keen to paint? Well, they are still waiting for paint. The weather conspired against me - cold, then rain, then horrible humidity. DH's work buddy, Billy, was supposed to paint them for us, but his paint sprayer was broken and he didn't have time to fix it. Billy has a wife and seven kids and is very busy. Go figure.
Anyway, Billy's brother borrowed the paint sprayer, and fixed it before he used it. So now, Billy can paint my cabinets! DH took them up to work and they are going to stay late and paint on them. Whee-e-o!
Another by-product of the fixed paint sprayer is that we will finally get the outside of the renovated side of our house painted. However, DH will have to stop working on the bathroom to get it ready to paint over the upcoming three-day weekend.
Our "lovely" contractor did a horrible job on framing in the windows. He did a REALLY. HORRIBLE. JOB. DH wants to redo them properly. We didn't want to paint until the window framing was redone as everything is framed in and sided with Hardi-plank siding. Hardi-plank is basically a form of concrete made into siding. It's very tough and durable and termite proof. But it's hard to work with. Anyway, DH is hoping to get all six windows reframed this weekend so Billy can paint the outside.
I was going to do the painting myself the old-fashioned way with a roller, but if Billy is available, I'll bow out in a heartbeat. Billy can do in half a day what it would take me a whole week to do. That'll give me more time to read (or stitch!).


Cindy F. said...

I didn't know they made laptops so!

Ya'll have worked so hard on your house. It's going to be like a new one when you're finished:)

Rachel S said...

The house will be so beautiful when you are done!

And what would be a home improvement project without a major malfunction? We had no electricity in our bathroom for 2 years, LOL, because of someone's OOOPs.

LoriRay said...

I never knew a computer could actually be "cute". LOL! It's adorable!

Hang in there with the house stuff. It'll all be worth it one day. :)